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Absolutely standout moments of storytelling and woodcraft ... I loved it!

                    Louise Ward, Radio New Zealand

Through his multiple points of view, Nixon explores the diversity of human nature, the many dimensions that a person relegated to the role of villain may contain. Pat may be a philandering alcoholic, but he is also very protective of his children. Mark is unstable, but he’s also a successful businessman. Despite our best efforts to paint people in ‘a single ugly hue’, this is often not the full story. In The Waters we see the complexity of a family, the many important and secret stories that combine to create a bigger picture.

                      Aotearoa New Zealand Review of Books

Nixon’s special exploration of one family’s trauma from the perspectives of characters sometimes only circumstantially connected drives home the broader implications of surviving and dealing with abuse.

                                                   The Listener

French. Editions de l'aube, 2023

Cleverness, craftsmanship and clean, clear writing share the wheelhouse that navigates the collection through, you know. Dark waters.

                                        Gisborne Herald

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